Fossil Fuel-free Fund

Recognizing and appreciating donors who have a deep and primary commitment to environmental and social justice, Williams now offers an alternative fund for endowment investment. Donors who create endowments at the standard endowment level of $250,000 or higher may now choose to invest their fund exclusively in a fossil fuel-free fund. 

As the name implies, the fund’s resources will be invested exclusively in portfolios that are completely fossil fuel-free. The new fund will not be part of the college’s general endowment, which is a diversified investment pool overseen by the college’s investment office, but rather invested separately, initially in a fund managed by New York-based investment firm BlackRock, Inc.

The fossil fuel-free fund shares the purpose of the College’s general endowment – to support and build Williams’ future – and just like a standard endowment can be designated to support any campaign priority of the donor’s choosing. Please note: the return on the fossil fuel-free fund will be based solely on this individual fund’s performance which will vary from the general endowment’s performance.

Alumni Fund donors for whom sustainability is a priority may also designate their gifts specifically toward initiatives that help reduce the college’s carbon footprint while teaching today’s Ephs to build a more sustainable future.

In April 2022, President Mandel sent a letter to the campus clarifying the college’s policies and approach to investment strategy as it relates to fossil fuels. This investment opportunity and the Alumni Fund sustainability designation option were launched several years ago as part of an ambitious plan to address the urgent issue of global climate change by reducing the college’s greenhouse gas emissions even further, achieving carbon neutrality, and investing significantly in sustainable-energy and carbon-reduction projects and the enhancement of the college’s educational efforts related to the environment.

For 50 years, Williams has been a leader in environmental education and our graduates have both the willingness and ability to address complex global problems.

If you would like to learn more about establishing a fossil fuel-free endowment at Williams please contact a senior development officer or the Director of Development’s office at 413 597-4544.