A snapshot of Williams today (Class of 1955)

October 2016

Dear ’55 Classmate,

It is hard to believe that it has been 65 years since most of us arrived on the Williams College campus as young freshmen (now 1st years). As I remember we were a class of 310. At that time the largest class ever to enter Williams.

I am going to give you a snapshot of the Williams College student body today so you can contrast it with your own experience at Williams many years ago. This year there are 2,191 students; half are men and half are women. 51% are from public schools and 32% from private schools. 38% are students of color which includes Asian Americans, Blacks, Hispanic/Latino and Native Americans. 8% are international students. The following states have the greatest number of students at Williams; New York, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey. Only 4 states have no students at Williams. Today there are 35 majors and many other areas of study and concentration. One-half of all students receive financial aid with 15% paying nothing. 100% of all students with demonstrated need receive financial aid.

Since our day Williams has become more difficult to enter, much more diverse, more academically challenging, more generous with financial aid and has many more facilities and faculty. Absolutely none of this would be possible without the generous support of Williams alumni like you. It is our gifts to the Alumni Fund that allow Williams to retain its ranking as the top liberal arts college in the country and to provide a high quality educational experience for its students.

The Class of 1955 has a goal of raising $X for the Alumni Fund this year with XX% participation. I ask you to become one of the many members of our class to make a gift this year to help us meet our commitment to Williams College. Please use the enclosed envelope to make your gift today!

My very best regards to you and your family and thank you for your continuing support.



Head Agent