Alumni Fund Update: 3 items of interest

Date: Fri, Feb 9, 2018 

Hello, agents —

I know you’ll all be going for the gold as we head into these next few weeks: non-stop coverage of the Winter Olympics + non-stop opportunities to contact classmates and encourage their continued support of Williams!

Here are three items of interest as we head into this weekend:

1) Buy the Book: Spring Semester

Alumni Fund gifts make it possible for Williams to provide all financial aid students with all of their required texts, completely free of charge. Our Buy the Book initiative helps donors feel that connection between their gift and the students’ experience more directly by inviting them to “buy the book” for a student in a specific class this semester. More info is available at

Buy the Book has been especially helpful for bringing in new donors and donors who have not given for several years.

Look for the spring semester program to launch this coming Wednesday, Valentine’s Day with an email solicitation (for most classes) and more coverage on social media. For more information, please contact the AF Staff.

2) Young Alumni Challenge (YAC)

Our youngest 10 classes of alumni will kick off a class-to-class competition for challenge funds, with $2,500 prizes available for the first two classes to break 50% participation, the class with the Most Improved Participation, and the class that liquidates their LYBUNTs.

Look for an official kick-off next Thursday, February 15. Many, many thanks to the generous (and anonymous) alumni who provide the funding for this challenge, and to Agent ’12 and Agent ’15 for volunteering to serve as YAC Co-Chairs. For more information, please contact Ashley Chapman.

3) TIF: Impact — wow!

We’re still receiving a slow trickle of volunteer hours, but I’m thrilled to report that this year’s Teach It Forward Impact challenge inspired 403 alumni to make their gifts and perform community service to be eligible for the matching funds. This is nearly double the number who participated in the challenge last year and an increase of 1,500 hours of community service, which helped us secure a match of well over $300,000. We look forward to sharing further details in our next newsletter.

Thanks so much for all you do for Williams!