Alumni Fund Update: 3 things to know heading into this weekend

Date: Fri, Feb 16, 2018 

Hi, Agents!

Happy Friday! For some of you, this is a holiday weekend. Hopefully you’ll be able to squeeze in a little extra sleeping, skiing, or soliciting of your classmates for the Alumni Fund!

Here are three things that you may find helpful heading into this weekend:

1) Current Agent Donor Status

Congratulations to the Classes of 1941, 1942, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1968, 1975, 2015, and 2016 for having gifts in from all agents! Twelve additional classes each have just one agent left to make their own gift. Making your own gift is a great warm up for reaching out to classmates — you can make yours now at

2) Buy the Book

Wednesday and today, many non-donors received information about our Buy the Book program, where your Alumni Fund gift can be used to support the financial aid book grant and provide textbooks to students in a specific class. More information on the program here, including links to giving pages that are specific for each major and concentration currently offered by Williams. This fun video makes a great Valentine and explains the program, too.

This is a great way to give even a small gift a meaningful impact. It is also proving to be highly effective for reaching SYBUNTs and first time donors.

One of the gifts we received through Buy the Book over the last two days was from someone who made their first gift since graduating. The donor made the following note (intended for the financial aid student who benefits from the book grant) in their “special instructions” while completing their online gift:

3) 1793 Circle Stewardship

Earlier today, those members of the 1793 Circle for consecutive giving who celebrate their birthdays in February received a sweet treat from the Alumni Fund office: a gift certificate for a grilled honey bun from the Lee Snack Bar in the Paresky Student Center the next time they’re on campus. (This stewardship started in December, after we worked out the details with Dining Services.)

Now, we don’t expect that folks are going to make their gifts to the Alumni Fund for 5+ years just to get a honey bun, but reminding people of their frequent generosity and giving streaks can be a good way to get the gift conversation started this year.

Looking for those LYBUNTs who are either members of the 1793 Circle based on their gift last year, or to those who are poised to become members of the 1793 Circle with their gift this year is a good way to identify some of the likeliest-to-become-donors on your list. As you look at an individual’s online profile, look for 1793 Circle in “giving societies” just under the table detailing their giving history, or look at “consec yrs” just to the left of that same table. (Confused? See attached for a visual.)

Questions? Give us a shout: 413-597-4153 or [email protected].

Check your reports at, and look for your My Assignments report in your inbox tomorrow.

Thanks for all you do for Williams, and happy Winter Carnival weekend!