AF17 Anniversary Email

Dear Fellow Eph,

One year ago, you made a thoughtful contribution to the Williams Alumni Fund—THANK YOU!

You and 196 of your fellow alumni raised just over $475,000 last spring. These gifts were immediately put to use to improve the student experience and enhance opportunities for faculty and students alike.

Here is some more specific information on how your gift made a difference.

Financial Aid

Your participation matters. Last spring, gifts of up to $100 summed to almost $1,500—enough to provide textbooks to all financial aid students taking ENGL 216: Intro to the Novel.

Other financial aid facts:

  • 52% of Williams students receive financial aid (up from 43% just ten years ago).
  • Williams meets 100% of the demonstrated need of all admitted students.
  • Students whose families make less than the national median income are not expected to take out any loans.
  • No student is expected to borrow more than $4,000 per year. Case in point: only 43% of students in the Class of 2015 borrowed at all, and their median debt at graduation was less than half of the national average.

This is only possible because of the generous support of generations of alumni like you. Thank you for doing your part last spring to ensure that Williams can provide such an exceptional academic experience and robust financial aid to today’s students. I hope you’ll consider renewing your support for Williams before the end of the academic year.

With warm regards from Williamstown,

Laura Day ’04
Director of Annual Giving


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