Buy the Book (Class of 2009)

Dear Fellow Eph,

If you were on financial aid at Williams, you might remember spending a long morning waiting in line behind Water Street Books to get into the 1914 Library.  Books were available for financial aid students to take out on loan for the semester — but had to be returned unmarked and unwritten-in at the conclusion of each semester, and it was always a bit of a gamble over what books would be available.  A small grant was available for each student to cover any texts not available at the 1914, but any book purchased with that grant became the property of the 1914 going forward. For students in Div III classes, which often required a large and expensive textbook, that grant wasn’t always enough.

All that changed in the spring of 2010.

Now, Williams provides students receiving financial aid with a book grant for the full amount of all required course texts for the courses they choose to take. That is amazing. No more standing in line, no more choosing courses or majors based on the cost of textbooks. Since the shift, the college has helped purchase approximately $6.7 million in textbooks for financial aid students, made possible through the Alumni Fund.

This year, I invite you to make your Alumni Fund gift in support of the financial aid book grant.  Your gift will help financial aid students pick classes and enjoy a Williams education without undue financial pressure.  Click here for more information on the buy the book program.

Buy the Book (button)

We’re grateful for this class and its continued support of Williams — you guys are the best!

Head Agents

PS — Feeling nostalgic and want to browse the course catalog?  Do it.