Checking in about Williams (Fund-end to consistent donor)

Dear Sal,

I’m writing from Williams — touching base because we noticed you have been a loyal donor to the Alumni Fund but have yet to donate this year.

 I hope this might just be an oversight but if not, I hoped you would respond and be frank about any issues or concerns you have about what’s happening at the college. While gifts are important, alumni opinions are equally valuable and I hope you will share yours.

You are one of your classes most loyal donors, a member of 1793 Society.  Your loyalty makes us particularly interested in anything that might be on your mind.  

I work for Williams but I donate because I appreciate and support the deep commitment  Williams has to diversifying the academy. This commitment is evident through need-blind admissions, through the office of Dean Rosanna Reyes, a dean exclusively for first gen students, and through the student body which looks so different than it did in the early 80s when I was running Blair and eating honey buns at the snack bar.  I know my gift is having the impact that’s important to me.

The fund closes on June 30, you can make a gift online anytime before that by going to

And if you are choosing not to donate for a specific reason, please do let me know.  Your feedback is really important!

Happy summer,