End of Deadline Email

Fellow Eph,

So yesterday’s heartfelt email wasn’t motivating??

How about this: Think about the path your life has taken and the influence Williams has had on it. Great friendships. Your professional success. Discovering lifelong passions. Maybe even finding the love of your life?

Reason Number 3:  Our Williams education and experience made and continues to make so much possible for us. So help another student enjoy the same.  

Thank you for making your gift http://give2.williams.edu.

– Your Agents

P.S. If you’d prefer to pledge or give via another route than the on-line link above, email us and we will help you in a jiffy!

P.P.S. When you give, it takes a day to process your gift, so you may continue to receive these countdown emails for a day or so beyond your gift. Thanks for both your donation to the College and your patience with us.


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