Fund Year Begins (Class of 1991)

Dear Eph,

We hope this letter finds you busy, happy, and looking forward to a restful holiday with friends and family! The Alumni Fund campaign for 2012-2013 is kicking off now, and we’re writing to ask for your help once again.

Together, our Alumni Fund contributions directly and immediately support inspired teaching, scholarly research, extracurricular and community service opportunities, and financial aid. We love the idea of helping the next generation of students enjoy the same education we had, just as alumni contributed to help make our Williams experience possible.

The College’s success is built on the foundation of the continued support of alumni like us. Last year, almost 70% of our class of 1991 alumni made a gift to the Alumni Fund, almost as many as gave in our 20th Reunion year. That we continue to maintain that level of participation is a testament to our class and the strength of its ties to the College. Thank you again for your generosity and commitment!

We hope you will give to the Alumni Fund this year. With so many opportunities and so many worthy causes, we are truly grateful for your willingness to include Williams among your philanthropic priorities. This year, the College has unveiled a ‘designated giving’ option that allows parents and alumni participating in the Fund to earmark their contributions to specific causes, such as financial aid, student life and the arts and excellence in athletics.  To learn more please visit Please remember that your participation and the class percentage of contributions matter just as much, if not more than, the size of the gift—it’s the strength of all our gifts together that makes such an extraordinary difference to Williams.

We (and the rest of our volunteer Agent team!) look forward to speaking with many of you over the coming months and wish you all the best.


Class of 1991 Head Agents

P.S. As always, donating to Williams is quick and easy. Log on to, or call 888-374-8110 to give with your credit card.