Happy Holidays and Financial Aid (Class of 1992)

Dear [name[,

We hope this Holiday Season finds you in good health and good spirits.

We invite you to become a student again, briefly.   For the Class of 2016, tuition, fees, and room and board total a daunting $56,770. How can students afford to attend?  Fortunately, Williams is committed to being accessible to the brightest and most qualified students, regardless of their financial circumstances.   How can it do this?  The Alumni Fund helps allow Williams to maintain a need-blind financial aid policy and to offer its students the most generous financial aid packages in the nation.

Class of 2016 Financial Aid Statistics

  • Percent receiving Williams aid: 53%
  • Average financial aid award: $43,620
  • Range of family income of students assisted: $0 – $266,130

Average First Year Financial Aid Package for Class of 2016

  • Grants: 92%
  • Student loan: 4%
  • Campus job: 4%

Class of 2012 average four-year debt: $8,300 (national average: $25,250)

We think this is amazing. As a Williams student today, you would graduate with a very low (if any) student debt burden, freeing you to pursue an advanced degree or a career in an organization about which you are passionate.  Few schools are able to do this for their students, because few schools have such supportive alumni.

We hope you will find time to support the Alumni Fund this December.  Our gifts, no matter what size, collectively make an enormous contribution!    You may give with the enclosed envelope, call 888-EPH (374)-8110, or, in the spirit of keeping things simple, give online today at http://give2.williams.edu. The new Alumni Fund page gives you the opportunity to designate your gift to the College’s priority that resonates most with you. Financial aid is one, but not the only option.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, and we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season with family and friends.

Warm regards,


Class of 1992 Head Agents