Happy New Year, 1977 Classmates! (Class of 1977)

Happy New Year, 1977 Classmates! 

Father Time is here to remind us: If you are planning a year-end Alumni Fund gift to Williams, you are on the clock!

To be eligible for a 2016 tax deduction, online gifts are due by 11:59 pm EST on Saturday.  Gifts by mail must be postmarked by Saturday.

Lock in your deduction, and help make room on that legendary log for great Williams students.  Click here to make a gift.  Thanks!

And don’t forget: We invite you, in 1977’s 40th reunion year, to make your gift in memory of a deceased friend and classmate.  


Head Agents

PS: What does your Alumni Fund gift do?  The short answer: It fills these seats with students and gets those students here.  There’s also a long answer.