Happy New Year! (Class of 1989)

Dear Classmates,

Happy New Year!  We hope this letter finds you and your families well.

2012 was a difficult year for many, with more than its share of challenges and tragedies.  In this environment we recognize there are numerous competing priorities for your time and money.  However, we would appreciate your making a place for Williams College in your plans.

Approximately 6% of the College’s operating budget for the year comes from alumni contributions. In other words, your financial support directly helps Williams maintain its academic, extracurricular, and athletic preeminence.  Excellence costs money.

In addition, the number of contributions factors significantly in college rankings – at least 60% of alumni must give each year for an institution to be ranked in the top tier. We certainly can’t imagine Williams being considered anything less.

Over the years, ’89 has been an increasingly important source of funding and support to the college.  Last year, we set a new class record in Alumni Fund participation with donations from 69.8% of you – 347 classmates.  1989 is now one of the College’s leaders in terms of Alumni Fund participation, and we hope to stay there.

So far this year, about halfway through the Alumni Fund campaign, we’re off to a good start.  We’ve raised about $85,500 raised from 122 classmates (24.6% participation).

However, we have a long way to go before the finish line and won’t get there without your help.  Our class has two goals: matching last year’s participation and raising $145,000 toward the College’s $11.2 million target.  Both goals are important, and both require your support.

We hope you can join many of your classmates in contributing to the Alumni Fund and helping our class achieve its goals.  Given the challenging economic environment, our first priority is participation.  A gift of any size helps to this end – even a $1 gift counts toward the participation target.

Giving to Williams is quick and easy.  Log on to http://give2.williams.edu, or call 888-374-8110 to give with your credit card.  Alternatively, a check written out to “Williams College Alumni Fund” and mailed in the enclosed postage paid envelope works equally well.

Thank you for continuing to support Williams in any way that you can this year.  We appreciate all that you do for the College and new generations of Ephs!


Class of 1989 Head Agents