Happy Winter Carnival! (Class of 1984)

                                                                                                             1984 Smaug the Dragon

Hello ’84 Eph,

It’s Winter Carnival at Williams this weekend and, wow, there’s a ton of snow!  This year’s carnival theme is Pokémon — let’s see if today’s students can surpass our generation’s ice sculpture artistry!  

Just to help spur your memory banks, we had a snow-less carnival in 1981, but members of the Class of ’84 awed campus with the following icy wonders:

  • 1982 – Alice in Wonderland (Chess Board, 2nd place)
  • 1983 – Disney (The Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, 1st place)
  • 1984 – Fantasy (Smaug the Dragon, 1st place)  

Our Alumni Fund gifts can’t make it snow, but they do assure that so many other great parts of the Williams experience keep going on strong.  Please join us in supporting Williams this year.  Our gifts make “Williams” happen

Happy Winter Carnival!

Head Agents