Hello from Brazil (Class of 1998)

Well hello hello from the Tropics!
How’s everyone doing in this insanely intense winter? If it makes anyone feel any better…with temperatures up in the high 90’s here in Brazil, I would totally switch places with
any of you…(but only for a week tops! =) I´ve had my share of snow during those
4 years I shared with you in college!)
So…as many of you know, [Name] and I are co-heads for our class and are looking to get all of you to participate in the 2014 Williams Alumni Fund. It’s really not so much about the money and the total sum, albeit we do have an aggressive goal, what I come to encourage is participation, plain and simple. I know all of you will find it in your hearts, brains, or conscience to give back to our school, regardless of the amount.
There are so many reasons to do so, and these are so unique and personal motives…but I thought I´d share my reasons with you. As a Brazilian, living in Brazil, married to a Brazilian, I have very slim hopes of having my children decide on going to college abroad, and/or to Williams specifically. Can it happen? Sure it can, but that remote possibility does not drive me to make a gift to the college. It’s not exactly in my interest to make the college a better place so that my children can benefit from that. However, as a Brazilian, who went to high school in Brazil, and who was given the opportunity and privilege to go to Williams on a full international Haystack Scholarship…I feel this is the only way I can repay. I was sponsored by someone for the full ride — room, board and tuition. And for this, I am deeply thankful. And likewise, in my own modest way, I’d like to be that someone, for someone else. My contribution to the Alumni Fund, is so that I can feel like that sponsor…even if only symbolically. Paying it forward.
So, I encourage you to take a minute and try to find your reasons to give. If for nothing else, come on!!! Put on your competitive hats, and result orientation and help [Name] and I get closer to our class goals!
Look forward to hearing back from you and until then a warm hello from Brazil,

Your Head Agents