Hello from Williamstown! (Fund-end to consistent donor)

Hi, Sal!

I thought you’d appreciate this picture of my daughter, “eagerly anticipating” the start of a race during one of the Williams home track meets this spring. It’s not as tasty looking as your amazing meals on Instagram, but it’s pretty hilarious. (Hey: do you ever track your recipes? Because some of those inventions look really delicious.)

Officially, I’m writing because you’re one of our class’s most consistent donors. At work, we’re heading into the final few days of the fiscal year, and I wanted to reach out and let you know there’s still time to continue your giving streak — please give by June 30th to be counted for this year. You can give online at give2.williams.edu

If you do, you can bet that Katy will be doing this little happy dance again. (She insists on going up on stage after every concert on campus that we go to. This was after an Ephlats & Accidentals midsemester concert this spring. She didn’t bother waiting until the end of the 60th reunion concert in April, and instead joined me on stage for our era’s set, at one point lying down and pretending to make snow angels. What can I say: she’s definitely the daughter of a theatre major and a music major! We’ll see if her younger brother [due in about 3 months] takes the same approach to life!)

Wishing you all the best,