Imagining Fall At Williams (Class of 1997)

Dear Classmates,
The kids still call it “The Purple Bubble”. According to the Willipedia, it’s the place “where all world news is lost,” that remarkable little warp in time and space, between adolescence and the real world, that they and we were lucky enough to occupy at Williams College.

Those of us who make the pilgrimage to our 45th in June – to revive old friendships, walk the campus, and make fun of one another’s gray hair (or lack of any) – will rediscover in person how beautiful the Bubble can be. But I’m reminded in a different way whenever I talk to my son (’05) and hear about one of his Williams friends who became principal of a New York City public school at 29, or another whose startup just launched the first toddler toy for the iPad. Or dozens of others who emerged from the Bubble ready to change the world in ways none of us imagined.

Now here’s the pitch – it takes money to educate these terrific young people, and that money comes from us. Last year was a great one for the Alumni Fund. We raised $178,000, and nearly 55% of the class chipped in. Let’s do even better this year.

Our contributions, large and small, make a difference. They create a community of world-class scholars with the commitment and resources to engage the nation’s most talented students and help turn them into adults who make a difference. Because we give, Williams’ signature tutorial program – the 21st Century vision of Mark Hopkins and the log – accommodates more students than ever. Because we give, admission to Williams is need-blind. Because we give, Williams students don’t emerge from the Bubble with a mountain of debt. Not many schools can say that.
Want online inspiration? Check out President Falk’s recent talk on affordability at Or enjoy photos from our 2009 and 2004 reunions. They’re available at
When you’re through, please dig out your checkbook and write one to the Alumni Fund, for as much as you can. Let’s keep The Purple Bubble afloat.


Your Head Agents