Impact of Williams on the World (Class of 1992)

Dear [sal],

A core Williams value is making a Williams education accessible for all outstanding students, regardless of their financial circumstances. Student financial aid is the one budget area that has grown in the past couple of years, and it has been able to do so with Alumni Fund support.

Williams graduates do an incredible variety of impactful things all over the world. They use their education to lead nonprofits, to educate, and to further science medicine and the arts. The academic experiences that shape our alumni and prepare them to be leaders in their fields would not be possible without the support of Williams alumni who came before them. Today nearly 8% of the annual budget comes from the Alumni Fund, which supports such key areas as financial aid, faculty salaries, and student life. With endowment dollars largely restricted, Alumni Fund dollars provide immediate support in their areas.

Please join us and fellow alumni in a more than 200-year-old tradition of supporting the next generation of Ephs. Alumni Fund gifts of any size make a valuable and immediate difference.

Please use the online giving link,, or speak with your class agent when he or she calls. Thank you so much for your support of Williams!

Warm regards,

’92 Head Agents