It's Mountain Day! (Class of 2016)

Dear Fellow Eph,

The bells are ringing in Williamstown, and students are singing and stuffing their faces with apple cider and donuts because­­ it’s Mountain Day! While most of us do not get to extend Mountain Day into the real world, it’s still a great opportunity to think about the people and experiences that shaped our college years.

So take a moment today to remember the sound of autumn leaves crunching and a capella singing, the feel of the cool fall sunshine, and the taste of gorp on Chapin Beach. Remember professors, friends, faculty, and everyone who makes Williams what it is, whether they’re out in the world or soaking up the joy of Mountain Day in the Purple Valley.

Then take one more deep breath and remember how good those cider doughnuts tasted on top of Stony Ledge.

Happy Mountain Day,

Class of 2016 Head Agents