Last Chance Before 2/6: Your Gift x Community Service (Class of 2009)

Hi Fellow ’09 Eph,

Don’t forget that you have a unique opportunity to amplify a financial gift to Williams by the number of hours of community service you perform.

Through the end of today you can report the volunteer hours you worked between January 26 and February 6 and have any gift made to Williams be multiplied by the number of hours. (For example, a $5 gift made today multiplied by the 10 hours of community service you do during the two-week window becomes $50 going to financial aid or any other fund you designate.)

You can read more about this initiative, called the Teach It Forward: Impact Challenge, below, but if you’re interested, please be sure to make your gift ( and report your hours here before the end of today when the Challenge ends.  

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Head Agents

Teach it Forward: Impact Challenge

The Impact Challenge is a great way to make any gift to Williams go even further by amplifying your gift and making a difference in your local community. As part of the challenge, an Alumni Fund gift made by February 6, 2017 is eligible to be matched and multiplied by the number of hours of community service performed and reported by the donor during the challenge window (January 26 – February 6). In other words, if you give $20 and perform 5 hours of community service during the challenge window, Williams will receive a match of $100 (the gift of $20 x 5 hours of community service).

Notes on the Challenge:

  •  Any gift of between $1 and $100 made before 2/6/2017 is eligible. For a gift greater than $100, the first $100 is eligible for the match. That said, any gift made before the end of the challenge window is eligible to be matched, including gifts made since 7/1/16.
  •  To be eligible for the challenge match, community service must be performed and reported between January 26 and February 6. (Since this is the first time this Challenge is being offered, only community service during that window is eligible although we know many of you are active volunteers throughout the year.)
  • Community service will be self-reported via online form. Gifts will not be matched unless the donor also reports community service hours.
  • Community service on your own, with local groups and charities you support, and through Williams regional and affinity groups is all eligible. Thank you for the impact you’re already having in your community; now you can use that service to further amplify any contribution to Williams!