Leadership PROSPECT solicitation, introducing PMA and EphScholar

Dear (name),

Thank you for your loyalty to and consistent support of Williams. Last year, our class raised $X with gifts from X% of our classmates. Annual Fund gifts are critical to Williams’ success in its mission to admit the very best students based on what they might become, not on what they can afford to pay. These funds also play a vital role in allowing the college to keep class sizes small and continue to attract amazing professors.

This year, our class has set the ambitious goal of raising $x with X% participation toward the overall goal of $10.8 million and 60% participation for the Alumni Fund. Leadership donors will play a huge part in reaching our goals by contributing three out of every four dollars raised for the Fund. In recognition of the importance of these gifts, Williams has created the Purple Mountain Association (PMA) to celebrate annual gifts between $2,500 and $250,000. Purple Mountaineers enjoy increased opportunities to deepen connections with faculty, students, campus leadership and alumni. They also will receive invitations to leadership events including an on-campus dinner with President Falk in the spring. At the close of each fund year, Purple Mountaineers at the Mt. Hope level and above receive a unique piece of Williams memorabilia.

In addition to the PMA, the college has launched an exciting new Alumni Fund program for leadership donors who want to have a living connection to the college through financial aid support of students. With an Alumni Fund gift at the Mt. Prospect level of $25,000 a year for four consecutive years (a total commitment of $100,000), you can sponsor a Williams student’s undergraduate education. EphScholar donors will be paired with incoming first-year students so that they can build a relationship that extends well beyond the Purple Bubble.

Please consider joining the Purple Mountain Association this year with a gift of $2500. We are deeply grateful for your support, as every gift, at every level, is important to our students. If you would like to make your gift today, you may do so online at http://give2.williams.edu, or fill out the enclosed gift slip. If you would like to make your commitment today and pay by March 15, 2015, please call or email the Alumni Fund directly at 413-597-4153 or [email protected] and they will happily record your pledge.

Yours sincerely,

Leadership Chairs, Class of X