Legacy and Traditions of the Alumni Fund (Class of 2009)

Dear [sal],

You may have heard that Williams has earned some more awards in the last few months: #1 in the US News & World Report for Liberal Arts Colleges, #1 on Forbes’ Best Colleges List and it is apparently the best place to find a husband or wife. It also boasts the oldest (and best!) alumni society in the country, one which has literally saved the school (1821 anyone?) and has stood behind the college in solidarity ever since.

The success Williams enjoys today would not have been possible without the cumulative vision and passionate support of Ephs past and present. As members of the alumni network with the richest tradition in the world, bar none, we are being asked to step up to the challenge of the legacy of our stewardship. We feel fortunate to be a part of this community, and it is up to us to help keep that going. Of course, one of the ways to do that is through a contribution to the Alumni Fund – just another shining example of Williams’ superlative nature. Year after year, Williams ranks among the top institutions in terms of alumni participation (2010: 61% participation led to a national rank of #1 – US News & World Report). To make a gift now, visit give2.williams.edu.

Gifts like ours support a number of critical initiatives, including enriched student life, faculty support, and financial aid. Our contributions to the college, financial and otherwise, show our school spirit and commitment (purple all the way!), helping to keep Williams the place we remember so fondly.

Last year, our class enjoyed a great deal of success: we raised $xxxx and exceeded our original goal by xx%. Additionally, a full xx% of the class contributed to the Fund! While we are proud of both accomplishments, we have decided to step up even more this year and thus, are targeting a xx% participation rate and $xxxx.

If you are a regular Alumni Fund donor, I sincerely thank you for your support and ask you to please consider renewing your commitment at an increased level. If you are an occasional Alumni Fund donor, I ask you to commit to giving every year during the course of the campaign.

An annual commitment from you, of any amount, matters greatly and will be sincerely appreciated. If you’ve never given to the Alumni Fund, there’s never been a better time than now for your first gift!

Thank you,


’09 Head Agents