Looking Forward to Reunion (Class of 1979)

Dear Class of 1979,

It’s October already and our 35th reunion is upon us. 35 years! We have such a great class. Every year we answer the call to give to the college that has given us so much. Let’s make our 35th our best ever. We need every one of us to give what we can. Great liberal arts colleges like Williams help further society – molding people who can truly contribute significantly in the arts, politics, economics, business, law, medicine and some who have become great teachers for the generations to come.

If you have not had a chance to visit the Williams website recently, it is worth a visit. On the website today is a video of a lecture by Associate Professor Leslie Brown, “Daring Change”. She challenges her students to consider what history has taught us about the difficulty change brings and the conflict required. It is as true today as ever. Also check out the article about “Williams Reads,” a new program that connects the Williams community through a common reading experience. This year’s featured book is Diana Abu-Jaber’s “Crescent.” A unique program that only a liberal arts college could have. The resources that make our college great and able to provide these exceptional experiences come from us.

Giving is easy. Just like last year, you can target your gift to the programs that matter to you. Every gift is important regardless of size. Visit the website http://give2.williams.edu and choose the method that is best for you; or use the enclosed envelope. Checks are always accepted!

Our reunion is June 12-15, 2014. We hope to see you there. 35 years has passed in a blink.

Let’s all reconnect in June!

Thanks as always.


Class of 1979 Head Agents