Memories of the Early '90s (Class of 1994)

Dear Classmate,

As we approach our 20th reunion, it’s obvious that a lot has changed since we wrapped up our college experience and said goodbye to the Purple Valley. To put things in perspective, in 1994:

• A gallon of gas cost $1.09;
• The price of going to the movies was only $4.00;
• Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson;
• was founded; and
• Justin Bieber was born (ouch!).

With age comes wisdom, or so the story goes. There is no smarter way to honor our Williams experience than to contribute to the 2014 Alumni Fund campaign. Last year, we finished on a strong note, raising more than $133,000 with nearly 51% of our class participating. Because this year is a milestone reunion year for us, we have raised the bar even higher and are looking to bring in $250,000 from 61% of our class. We urge you to think back on your time at Williams and make a gift to the college that reflects your love of the school and all that it has done to shape who you are, both personally and professionally.

We encourage each of you to take two minutes today to think back on a fond memory of your time at Williams: sledding behind Mission, trudging through the snow to make that 8:30 a.m. class, playing for (or cheering on) your favorite team, heading down Spring Street to pick up a sandwich from Pappa Charlie’s, or spending time hanging out with friends, just to name a few. If that trip down memory lane brings a smile to your face, then making a gift to the college should be an easy decision. Donating to the college is simple—just log on to to make a gift by credit card. There is no such thing as a gift that is too small. If you are on the fence, please keep in mind that the Alumni Fund makes it possible for Williams to continue to offer need-blind admissions as well as significantly reduce the financial burden on all students and their families.

For those of you who have been loyal supporters of Williams over the years, we strongly encourage you to make a statement this year by giving a Leadership gift of $2,500 or more. Currently, less that 3% of our class has entered the Leadership giving ranks. We’d like to see that percentage jump to double digits this year in honor of our 20th reunion.

Finally, please mark the weekend of June 12-15th on your 2014 calendar. We are looking forward to seeing each of you and your families as we gather in Williamstown to relive past memories and make a few new ones.

With sincere gratitude,

Head Agents