Santa Does the Berkshires (Class of 1949)

December 2016

Santa Does the Berkshires

Santa has gathered his staff for a project.

Again we have forty-niners as our object.

We have been asked to do what we have done before

For with the forty-niners we have been able to score.

We must knock on some doors, and explain why we are here

We may be offered some holiday cheer.

We are used to imbibing and would welcome the offer

But say you have come to fill the class coffer.

Holiday moments are for family and friends

And class agents whose mission serves worthy ends.

So please do what you can; every gift counts.

Every gift is important, no matter amounts.

So as Santa goes off on his holiday sleigh,

Your agent stands back and to each forty-niner will say

“Thanks for taking this very long ride;

May every good thing with you and yours abide.”

1949 Class Agent