Seldom/Never giver letter (Class of 1988)

September 21, 2018

Non-giving ’88 classmate

XXX Park Avenue

Anytown, Anystate 01234


Dear <<Sal>>,

Since 1821, Williams alumni have taken personal responsibility for the success of the College and for driving necessary change.

Williams is where I learned that to be able to change one’s mind, to ask better questions, and especially to get better at discussing disagreements, were all truer measures of success than the conventional benchmarks. Even back in 1984, I remember most of our class as engaged, humble, and passionate. We learned tools of resiliency, coping mechanisms, and strategies for learning.

Not everyone has uniformly wonderful memories of Williams. But the College continues to grapple with deficits of the past and tries to constantly reexamine itself and improve.

In 1993, 20% of Williams students were people of color; today that number is 45%. When I was visiting Williamstown a few months ago, I wondered what today’s “20% challenge” looks like. Admissions reported that they are focused on supporting and growing the number of first-generation college students.

I’m writing to invite you to engage with Williams in some way.

  • Attend an event. Find out what is happening in your Region or on campus through
  • Mentor a student. Sign up through Ephlink, Williams’ career mentorship platform at
  • Buy a book for a student on financial aid. Williams provides a book grant to cover all required text books and course material for students receiving financial aid.  You can support this important book grant program by buying a book for a student at
  • Connect with the student with your S.U. box during finals week. Look for the email about this initiative mid-November.
  • Volunteer for the College. Whether your interest is focused on your classmates, the alumni community, current students, or financial support of the College, there are a number of volunteer opportunities at Williams. Explore opportunities at

Williams’ focus on training students to be lifelong learners – building resilience rather than a static skill set – relies on you and your input. It’s not just about money. Refer a student. Raise questions. Volunteer.

With kind regards,