...Spring ... zing. (Class of 1951)

April 2017



So goes a poem we studied in English 4. I’m not sure of the exact wording; old men forget, you know. But I was reminded of this inspiring ode as I gazed at the blooming forsythia and azaleas in my neighborhood near Boston, and the rhododendron buds, about to pop. I hope you too are enjoying the zing of Spring.

We did pretty well in the recently completed campaign for the Williams Alumni Fund, even though we lack a class agent to keep track of things and bug the associate agents. Thanks to two very generous donors, we contributed some $X, which was $X less than in 2016, when we had the redoubtable Head Agent leading the way.

As usual, some classmates donated this year who didn’t last year, and vice versa. As a result, the proportion that gave was about the same as in 2016: two out of three. Noteworthy was the effort of 20 widows who contributed to the Fund.

Thank you, ’51, for your loyalty. I hope you stay healthy and vertical.


Class President

P.S. I would be glad to field any comments or suggestions you may have, directed via email.