Thank you! (Class of 2016)

Dear ’16s,

Hope you’re all enjoying summertime! Wherever you are in the country or in the world—and whether you’re back in school, working a desk job, having outdoor adventures, or something in between—we hope you’re taking advantage of the nice weather and relaxed vibes.

As the fiscal year has come to a close, we’ve officially sealed the book on the 2016-2017 Alumni Fund season. Which means congratulations are in order, along with many thanks to everyone who donated from our class!

Together, we raised $XX from XX donors, all of which will go directly to departments and efforts that matter most for the future of the College – financial aid, the next batch of amazing professors, excellent on-campus programming, and more.

As we settle into our post-grad lives and grow from the people we were on campus, our continued commitment to Williams matters. We are not just giving back in recognition of our own experiences, but supporting and enabling the students following in our footsteps to experience the best Williams has to offer.

With dedication like yours, Williams is going to be educating, inspiring, and innovating for a long time to come. On behalf of all of the class agents, thank you for making a gift to Williams this year.


Head Agents