Transition from Student to Alumni (Class of 2008)

Dear [sal],

It might seem hard to believe that we are approximately 1 Winter Study and 1 Spring semester away from what will mark our 4-year anniversary from Williams graduation.

Remember the feeling of being 1 year out of Williams? – newly minted a ‘Williams Alumnus’ – as though the title suggested a substantially wiser, more mature version of our old college selves. But let’s face it, while we may have taken on the ‘Alumnus’ title – we were still ‘First Years’ in the big, bad real world, only this time without the warm comfort of the entry system, JA’s, Sunday snacks and a 21 meals-a-week plan…did anyone actually make it to 21 meals every week!?

But the 4th year anniversary mark from graduation? That’s a different feeling. It will mean, for most of us, that we will have been in the ‘real world’ for as long as we were in college. And just like that natural, yet somewhat awkward progression from Williams ‘First Year’ to Williams ‘Senior’ – surely a transformation of similar form has taken place for each and every one of us these past four years.

When we ask for donations to the Alumni Fund, we like to keep in mind these milestones and think back to these checkpoints along the way. How far we’ve come, how much we’ve changed. Now is our turn to give this same opportunity to the next generation of aspiring Williams students.

The one thing that our class undoubtedly has in common is the ‘Williams Factor.’ It has most definitely played an important part in guiding our professional lives, graduate degree programs or travel to different corners of the world. Probably also responsible for an upcoming wedding, social event or mini-reunion of sorts. Or, maybe it was Williams that showed us what it is that we don’t like, and hopefully this has guided us towards discovering what it is that we love.

Our goal for this year’s Alumni Fund is to get more of our class involved. Even the smallest contribution…$1 here, $5 there…will help our class achieve this goal. Every contribution, no matter the size, will have an impact in supporting this future generation of Williams students. To make a gift now please go to


’08 Head Agents