Upcoming Alumni Fund Initiatives

Date: Tue, Jan 16, 2018 

Dear Agents,

Happy New Year! I hope this finds you well—I’m newly back from maternity leave, and very much looking forward to working with you on the rest of this year’s Alumni Fund. Many, many thanks to Janine Hetherington, Kim Hogue, and the entire AF staff for their exceptional work in keeping us all on the same page, heading in the same direction, since my son was born unexpectedly early in late summer.

I wanted to reach out with a brief reminder about a few upcoming Alumni Fund initiatives:

  1. Tuition Runs Out / Ephpreciation

Today is the first day of our annual Ephpreciation celebration—and also the first day on which Williams becomes fully reliant on philanthropy (both current gifts, such as those received through the Alumni Fund, and earnings on the endowment). If the college were solely reliant on tuition, everything would have come to a stop over the weekend.

Thank you for your part in raising funds to support today’s students and faculty for the remainder of the academic year. Many classes are planning to send a solicitation on this theme later today or tomorrow.

On campus, students are celebrating your fine contributions and all the ways in which Williams people support one another through Ephpreciation. For more information, please visit williams.edu/ephpreciation.

2. Teach It Forward: Impact Challenge

All Alumni Fund gifts received between July 1, 2017 and February 5, 2018 are eligible to be matched through the upcoming Teach It Forward: Impact Challenge.

The match amount will equal the initial gift amount (or the first $100 of a gift over that amount) multiplied by the number of hours of community service the donor performs and reports between January 25 and February 5. In other words, if an alum makes a $20 gift and performs 5 hours of community service, their gift is matched by an additional $100 ($20 initial gift x 5 hours).

Any volunteer work counts, from shoveling your neighbor’s driveway to delivering Meals on Wheels to performing a professional service pro bono to attending a board meeting.

All current donors will be notified of this matching opportunity this Thursday (1/18), and they need not make an additional gift into order to be eligible for the match (though some may choose to make one). They will also receive a reminder once the challenge window opens on Thursday, January 25.

Those alumni who have not yet made a gift this fiscal year will receive email notification of the matching opportunity this Thursday (1/18) as well, and they will receive an invitation to participate once the challenge window opens on Thursday, January 25. Non-donors may also receive a reminder at the midpoint and end of the challenge window; head agents: contact your AFDO for more information.

New donors who make their first Alumni Fund gift of the fiscal year during the challenge window will be reminded of the opportunity to have their gifts matched.

All of those who participate in the challenge through a gift and community service will be thanked shortly following the close of the challenge window, and updated as to the amount of matching funds realized.

Last year, alumni reported 2,170 hours of community service, and secured $212,190 in matching funds for Williams. We currently have matching funds of $350,000 available, thanks to the generosity of our challenge donors: Richard Georgi ’87 and Sanae Ishikawa; Lee Shackelford ’80; Anne Melvin ’85; Peter ’71 and Kathy Wege; Jennifer Wege ’90; Jessica ’97 and Gavin McLear ’97; Arun Dhingra ’90 and David Sorkin ’81.

As we kick off this year’s challenge, the Vice Chairs of the Alumni Fund and members of the Executive Committee of the Society of Alumni will be performing community service during their January meeting in Charleston, S.C. If you are planning a service event and would like to invite other Ephs in your area to join you, please let us know! Email [email protected] with details.

For more information on the Teach It Forward: Impact Challenge, please visit  teachitforward.williams.edu/impact.

Both of these are great opportunities to share with your classmates and the folks on your lists in your conversations, emails, and texts.

Stay tuned for additional initiatives in the next agent newsletter! For more information or if you have any questions, please let us know by replying to this email or writing to [email protected].

With many thanks for all you do for Williiams,