We are Williams (Class of 1990)

Dear [sal],

You are Williams College. Yes, there are old buildings and professors and playing fields, Spring Street, and funny cow logos on hats. But what makes Williams endure is the commitment of its alumni. What makes it endure is you. (The Class of 1990 represents about 2% of alumni, which is pretty big considering the school has been in operation for more than 200 years!) Last year xxx of us gave over $x in support of Williams. That level of support is truly astounding. But we think we can do better. We know we can do better.

What does better mean? It means two things. First, it means asking more us of to make a contribution in support of the college. Williams is need-blind with more than half the students receiving some level of financial aid. And the college limits loans such that graduates leave with no more that $16,000 in student loans. That level of debt allows new alums to be what they want to be rather than choosing jobs for money. And we mean what we say: no donation is too big or too small. What you give matters both for its own sake and for the message of connection it sends.

Second, better means hearing from each and every one of you. You’ve no idea the astounding series of accomplishments we’re treated to hearing about during the four months we ask for gifts to the Alumni Fund. We are truly, truly humbled by what you’ve done with your lives and the impacts you’ve made. So connect with us. Make a gift. Honor friendships started more than 25 years ago. Share your stories.

We’ll be working with the entire class agent team to accomplish our ambitious goals. Our dedicated agents will be in contact with you over the next couple of months not only to encourage a donation but also to catch up and find out what you’re up to. We look forward to hearing about what you’ve been doing. And remember, You Are Williams.

Best wishes,


’90 Head Agents

P.S. As always, donating to Williams is quick and easy. Log on to http://give2.williams.edu, or call 888-374-8110 to give with your credit card. Alternatively, a check written out to “Williams College Alumni Fund” and mailed to 75 Park St., Williamstown, MA 01267 works too.