Why Williams Matters

Dear SAL,

Today marks the start of the Biggest Little Challenge: an annual competition between Williams and Amherst to see which school can bring in the greatest number of gifts during a set period of time. Your class, my class, and the rest of the classes who graduated between 2002 and 2016 are working to bring in 750 gifts between now and November 22. Please join me—be counted by making your gift now.

Give to Williams (giving button)

We want bragging rights over Amherst, it’s true. But we want to show today’s Williams students that we have their back. These are bright, excited students, who hail from all fifty states and from around the world, and they’re united in their passions for learning, for discovery, for creativity, for collaboration, for making their mark, and for making a difference. Just like we were as students. And we young alumni are making a difference through our careers and our callings, in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without our four years in the Purple Bubble.

And that’s why Williams matters. That’s why it’s important to provide 100% of demonstrated need to all admitted students. That’s why it’s important to support and foster the relationships that develop between faculty and students. That’s why it’s important to show your support.

So, please. Do your part and demonstrate your commitment to providing an exceptional education. The education and the experiences we shared unite us despite our differences and our diversity.

Make your gift now at give2.williams.edu.

With many thanks, and much purple,

Laura Day ’04
Director of Annual Giving