Williams women love to sprint! (Fund-end ask)

Hi, Sal!

I hope you’re doing well! I’ve decided that this will be the year I get back in shape and (hopefully!) back in a boat, and will be running my first-ever half-marathon one month from today! I always think of our novice crew as I’m kicking my butt out of bed to go for my morning training run, and how much fun we had and how flipping hard we worked. I especially think of you, my dear, because nothing is more delicious than peanut butter in a tortilla as you’re headed out the door to go pound the pavement, and you’re the first one to teach me that trick before morning practice in Myrtle Beach.

I’m actually writing as we sprint to the finish of this year’s alumni fund, which has been extended by an additional two weeks. Our class has done well for the College, and we hope you’ll help support all of those Williams women taking to the erg – and the water – for the first time together!

It takes just a few minutes to give online by visiting http://give2.williams.edu — you can do anything for 90 seconds, including making a quick contribution to Williams!

With lots of love and purple pride,