WOW -- look what Williams '84 accomplished! (Class of 1984)

Dear Fellow Eph,

June already?  Spring has flown by, a total blur, and here we’re just coming up from the chaos to report on the Class of 1984’s results to date on behalf of Williams.

We are, truly, the late great Class of 1984, showing up with gusto for Williams – many of us literally in the last days of the fund!  Astounding, really – out of the X of us who participated this year, X made gifts in the last two weeks, X of them in the last three days. We think this says something about us….  We’re not entirely sure WHAT…perhaps it’s that we relive the notion of “all-nighter” in honor of our college days. Perhaps it’s because it’s fun to be called, texted and emailed by so many classmates, so many times, before we give. Perhaps it’s because you like seeing your class agents sweat, getting all the more frantic (and creative!) in our outreach!  Perhaps it’s your way of telling us how much you love us.

Whatever the reason, we are, truly grateful.  Sure, we’d LOVE to see many folks give earlier. But there is something special about the connections that happen over the course of the fund drive, and we are so glad for all of that.

A few examples: one of you joked that your gift wasn’t going to name any buildings, and Dan suggested we rename Garfield after anyone who wants a naming opportunity, just for a day or so, since it’s coming down soon anyway, and that we have a really great party on the lawn out front.

One of you renewed participation after absence of 30 years, and another made a first time ever gift to Williams.

And another actually made his donation online from the Rohinga refugee camp where he was working.

Simply put: we’re just so glad to know all of you.  And thank you for being there for Williams.

The numbers:  We have reached our XX% participation goal, coming in just a tick below XX%. We have raised $X, which is the fourth highest dollar amount raised by any class (behind ’92, ’86 and ’87) and the second highest amount by a non-reunion class (’92 had perhaps the sweetest fundraising story anyone has ever heard – husband and wife co-head agents in their reunion year…he went out and raised extra $$ in the final hours without telling her to surprise her with the top trophy! Whoever said fundraising wasn’t all about heart?)

It feels good to achieve such great results for Williams, and it feels even better to do such a good job together, as a class. Thank you all for being part of it.  And, whenever that party happens on Garfield Lawn, we hope to see you there!


Head Agents