Monthly Recurring Giving

Logo with COWS: Committed. Ongoing. Williams. Supporters.

Set up a monthly gift to Williams and join the herd of COWS.

COWS are committed, ongoing Williams supporters who demonstrate their support through monthly recurring gifts.

With COWS your total gift is divided into manageable monthly installments, which allows you to maximize the impact of your giving to Williams while being more environmentally friendly (no more solicitations in the mail!) As part of the herd of COWS you’ll feel great knowing that you’re making a difference for Williams students across both semesters and in the summer, and you’ll recognize benefits all year long.


  • You can increase your impact: Your monthly gifts to Williams can add up to a larger yearly gift. You provide Williams with reliable funds to meet the annual costs of supporting students—it all adds up.
  • You can set it and forget it: Monthly contributions are automatically charged to your credit or debit card until you choose to stop your sustaining support, giving you one thing less to worry about each year.
  • You make a choice for sustainability: You won’t get direct mail solicitations but you will get monthly receipts electronically and a summary in January.
  • You can be a leader: Monthly increments can help you stretch your giving to a leadership level — $2,500+ annually makes you a member of the Purple Mountain Association.

COWS Co-Chairs

Bum Shik Kim '19 sits at a table, holding a cup of coffee, smiling

“As an economics student who loved to study retirement and pension finance, I appreciate the power of compounding. I get to appreciate compounding more through recurring giving with COWS knowing that every bit counts to sustain the wonderful liberal arts tradition at Williams.” – Bum Shik Kim ’19


Melissa Dresselhuys '90 is smiling into the camera with green foliage behind her

“COWS is a win-win-win approach to supporting Williams: donors love COWS because it is easy to set up and convenient to manage gifts of any amount, including stepping up to leadership levels; Alumni Fund volunteers enjoy being able to catch up with COWS and thank them instead of always reminding them to give; most importantly, the College can plan spending more reliably as our COWS herd grows.” – Melissa Dresselhuys ’90



  • Its easy!

    1. Visit and complete your online gift. This page will only accept monthly recurring gifts, which can also be made from any other Williams online giving form.


    1. Visit
    2. Choose your gift amount and click “Make This A Monthly Recurring Gift”.
    3. That’s it! Once you’ve filled out your personal and credit card information, we will email you a gift receipt and look for a special letter welcoming you to COWS!

    Heather O'Brien at 413.597.4153 is happy to help if you run into any challenges.

  • When you initiate a monthly gift, you can select both the monthly gift amount and the desired Alumni Fund designation. Your e-receipt for each month's transaction will also include a personalized link to allow you to manage these and other details of your recurring gift.

    If you have questions, please contact Heather O’Brien (413.597.4153) She will be able to update your gift details or send you an update request form outside of your monthly giving cycle to allow you to self-serve.

  • If a charge is attempted on a card that has expired or been replaced, you will receive an automated email alerting you. Click the link in the email to update.

    If you would like to change your card proactively, please contact Heather O’Brien (413.597.4153) She will be able to update your card or send you an update request form.