Why Give

2016_AF_Kick-off_Postcard (7)

Long Dang emigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam when he was 7. Neither of his parents finished high school, and for Long, college seemed an impossibility. But then he learned about Williams and its extraordinary financial aid program, supported by generations of alumni.

A founding member of Williams’ Men for Consent and director of the WOOLF Program, Long was class speaker at his commencement and won 2015’s William Bradford Turner Citizenship Prize. Today, he’s a head agent for his class.

“It was really thanks to the alums’ generosity, their caring, and their desire to give back that I had a chance to come to a school like this,” he says. “That’s why I contribute and serve as a class agent…I know this money goes to real lives, real experiences, and it contributes to the building of people and the building of this community.”

The Alumni Fund is the heart of the college, connecting Ephs from generation to generation. Every gift counts. Every gift matters.

When you hear from your class agent—whether it’s Long or any of the 1,600 other volunteers who embody our culture of philanthropy—we hope you’ll give. When you do, you’ll be supporting current and future Ephs and demonstrating to them the power of giving back.

Thank you for all you do for Williams.