A Legacy of Giving

“If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of Giants.”

– Isaac Newton

” The most important engine that makes the college run, is the deep engagement of the 28,000 alums that keep the college oiled.”

– Adam Falk, President

“We need to prove we are worthy heirs to what we have been given.”

– Alumni Fund Vice Chairs meeting

Williams boasts one of the highest participation rates for alumni giving in the country. Each year, six in ten alumni make a gift to Williams. Of our 28,000 living alumni, 24,000 have given at least one gift to the college. That’s an 88 percent participation rate.

There is a 20 percent higher volunteer participation rate among young alumni of color at Williams. There has been shown a steady increase in participation over the past five years among classes from 1993-2002.

According to a survey by the Alumni Fund, recent alumni classes are giving back in greater number than their predecessors. Participation among the ten youngest classes in recent years is higher than it was among the ten youngest during Jack Sawyer’s presidency (see below).

young alumni participation comparison