The Williams vs. Amherst Biggest Little Challenge

The Objective is simple:


During the seventh annual Williams vs. Amherst Biggest Little Challenge, alumni from the 15 youngest Williams and Amherst classes will compete head to head for a friendly philanthropic throw-down. The school with the greatest number of alumni donors (not dollars) during the challenge window (November 1 –November 11) wins bragging rights for the year. Heading into this year’s 7th annual challenge, Williams and Amherst are tied: each school has a 3-3 record for philanthropy.

The 2019 Biggest Little Challenge will kickoff at noon on Friday, November 1, and continue through homecoming weekend, concluding at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, November 11. All donors in the youngest 15 classes of alumni (2005-2019) plus the senior class of 2020 who make gifts during that window will be counted – including early Alumni Fund donors who gave in July through November who wish to double down in support of Williams during the BLC.

Step Up to the Challenge!

Show your Eph pride and do your part to ensure a win. Make your gift online, venmo @williams-college, or call 888.374.8110.

For more information, email [email protected] or Didier Jean-Michel

See how Ephelia is working to BEAT Amherst!

Biggest Little Challenge Rules

All outright gifts from Williams and Amherst alumni will count toward the challenge totals.

Gifts must be made between noon EST on Friday, November 1, through 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, November 11.

The school that secures the highest number of donors within the challenge period will be declared the winner and awarded bragging rights.

One gift per alum will count toward the challenge totals—alumni who give multiple times during the challenge will be counted once.

There will be a handicap given to Amherst (1.2 is the multiplier) based on difference in size of alumni body between the schools.