Buy the Book

In the Spring of 2010, Williams made a significant change to financial aid packages that had a tremendous impact for our students but may not be known to most alumni. Beginning that term, Williams students receiving financial aid paid no out-of-pocket expenses for required course books. Instead, students now swipe their ID cards at The Williams Bookstore and the cost goes on their term bills, to be covered completely by their financial aid grants.

Prior to that time, each aided student received a nominal grant each semester for textbooks, no matter how much they cost. To avoid paying out-of-pocket expenses, some students picked courses based on the cost of the books. Another option was borrowing books from the 1914 Library, a lending library that permitted financial aid students to check out required course readings for the semester. But the 1914 often had out-dated editions of texts, and students couldn’t write in or keep the books for future reference.

Now, Williams provides students receiving financial aid with a book grant for the full amount of all required course texts for the courses they choose to take. No more standing in line, no more choosing courses or majors based on the cost of textbooks. Since the shift, the college has helped purchase approximately $6.7 million in textbooks for financial aid students, made possible through the Alumni Fund.

Your Alumni Fund gift can help make these textbooks available for today’s students to use and study. Below is the list of academic majors and concentrations, with a link to information about making your gift, designated for financial aid, in support of the book grant for a specific class each semester.