Buy the Book

For over ten years, alumni donors have made it possible for Williams students receiving financial aid to receive all required course texts for any class they choose to take – for free. 

Textbooks and class materials are essential resources for students to prepare, engage, and succeed in their classes. As Lecturer in Public Health Marion Min-Barron emphasizes, “I just want to express how important it is to me, as someone who’s trying to present this opportunity for students to learn, that we can provide funds for students to have access to the books and the materials that I think we should be trying to engage with, without having to worry about funds or financial burden.”

Prior to the spring of 2010, students would each receive the same nominal book grant amount each semester, regardless of the actual cost of their textbooks; students could also borrow books from the Class of 1914 Library (a textbook lending library), but inventory was limited and access was not guaranteed.

Now, your Alumni Fund gift can help make textbooks available for today’s students. To date, thanks to the expanded financial aid book grant and the generosity of Alumni Fund donors like you, Williams has provided over 200,000 textbooks and course materials to over 4,000 Ephs. 

Buy the Book runs at the start of the fall and spring semesters to allow alumni a chance to support this incredible program.

The financial aid book grant helps to make sure that the cost of materials is not a barrier to students seeking to take courses and allows all students the ability to make the most of a liberal arts education. Thank you for helping Williams make true affordability a reality!