Support an EphScholar

Give one extraordinary student a Williams education

Your gifts to the Alumni Fund already help ensure that Williams is able to admit the very best students based on what they might become, not on what they can afford to pay.

You can open the college’s doors to the very best students

EphScholars offers leadership Alumni Fund donors a living connection to these remarkable young beneficiaries. With your Alumni Fund gift of $25,000 a year for four consecutive years (a total commitment of $100,000), you can sponsor a Williams student’s undergraduate education. The Alumni Fund office works closely with the Office of Financial Aid to match EphScholar donors with incoming first-year students so that they can build a relationship that extends well beyond the Purple Bubble.

We believe in undergraduates

One of every two Williams students receives financial aid and Williams supports every aided student in ways that go well beyond tuition, room, and board. No aided student pays for textbooks, for example, and many aided students receive support for expenses ranging from academic travel to summer internships. Your EphScholar gift makes it possible for Williams to continue to offer need-blind admissions and meet the full demonstrated need for all admitted students. Your support means a Williams education is within reach for promising students from all backgrounds and regions of the world.

“My support of the EphScholar program is an investment in fighting systemic inequity on an individual basis. Given the issues we face today, I cannot think of a more powerful opportunity to help create a better future for all.”  – Mary Kipp `89 P`20

When you commit to sponsoring an EphScholar for four years at Williams, you are paired with an incoming first-year student and support that same student through their entire undergraduate experience. Opportunities for getting to know your EphScholar continue through his or her Williams career.

To sponsor your own EphScholar or simply learn more about the program, please contact Janine Hetherington by calling 413-446-5498 or emailing [email protected]