WE Lead: Women's Equity in Leadership

In the fifty years since women first set foot on campus as enrolled students, women have emerged as leaders for Williams in many ways. Women currently hold 60% of all senior staff positions, including the college presidency, and women are more than 50% of the college’s board of trustees, led by Liz Beshel Robinson `90. Alumnae donate at rates similar to their male peers, give proportionally of their financial resources, and are exceptionally generous with their time, making up a disproportionate share of current volunteers for the college. 

Historically, however, when it came to the work of class agents collaborating with college staff on the Alumni Fund, a disproportionately low number of alumnae were individually approached and invited to make a difference for Williams through leadership annual gifts. 

WE Lead aims to change that by inspiring a new generation of alumnae to lead through their philanthropy, beginning with young alumni gifts of $500 through annual gifts of $100,000 or more.

You can be a part of this historic effort, inspire fellow alumnae, and chart a new course for the future by becoming a leadership donor to the Alumni Fund or volunteering as a leadership class agent. 

For more information contact Director of Women’s Philanthropy Janine Hetherington [email protected] or call 413.597.4779.