WE Lead: Women's Equity in Leadership


We're on a mission to close one of the last remaining gender gaps at Williams.

We've come so far. Today, women comprise 50% of Williams' Board of Trustees, 60% of Williams' senior staff and 100% of the Williams presidency.

Women are also represented equitably when it comes to Alumni Fund participation.


But when it comes to Alumni Fund leadership giving (gifts of $2,500+), a gender gap persists.  


Leadership gifts from women in 2022 covered the average financial aid package for 61 students.

Closing the gender gap between men's and women's leadership would make a real difference by supporting an additional 18 students every year.


The reason for the gap?  Traditionally women simply have not been asked to be leadership donors.

So now we are asking.

We are asking you to think about what women's leadership in philanthropy can mean for Williams, and for the world.

We are asking you to reflect on and share your experience as a Williams woman.

And if you are moved and have the means, we are asking you to join us as one of the 150 women we need to achieve equity at the leadership level by 2025. Make your leadership gift today.


What difference does leadership giving make?

Alumnae leadership giving collectively totaled $3.5M in the last year covering the average financial aid package for 61 students.

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