Over 1,600 Ephs volunteer through the Alumni Fund each year, staying in touch with classmates, updating them on the life of the college, and helping to raise money to support the work of Williams faculty and the study of its students.

Williams Alumni Fund volunteers help strengthen the bond that alumni have with each other, with the college, and with the extended Williams community. Connecting with classmates through the Alumni Fund sustains the long tradition of alumni taking direct responsibility for Williams’ continued success, and has been since the founding of the Society of Alumni in 1821.

Vice-Chair Committee and Co-Chairs of the Alumni Fund

Volunteer leadership for the Alumni Fund is overseen by the Co-Chairs of the Fund, in collaboration with a committee of Vice-Chairs, as dictated in the Society of Alumni Constitution. Being part of the Vice-Chair committee is one of the highest forms of volunteer service to Williams.

Co-Chairs for the 2019 Alumni Fund are Sumant Bhat ’03 and Lisa Russell-Mina ’79. Learn more about the Vice-Chair committee members.

Head Agents

Each class has a Head Agent who is responsible for leading the charge each year, recruiting and managing the team of associate agents, and composing all-class solicitations from October 1 to March 15. Head Agents work with the Alumni Fund office to set annual goals for the class (for dollars raised and participation), and they collaborate with the Leadership Gifts Committee to encourage classmates to demonstrate their leadership by making significant gifts on an annual basis.

Learn more about being a Head Agent.

Associate Agents

The majority of these volunteers are Associate Agents, who serve as the primary Alumni Fund contact for a list of three to 30 classmates. Through regular phone calls, emails, and in-person and online chats, Associate Agents serve as front line fundraisers for Williams.

Learn more about being an Associate Agent.

Leadership Gifts Committee

Many classes have a Leadership Gifts Committee comprised of Head and Associate Agents who work towards increasing the class’s total amount raised. Leadership gifts (ranging from $2,500 to $250,000) provide the bulk of the dollars each class raises, but account for a small portion of classmate participation.

Learn more about being on your class’s Leadership Gifts Committee.


Interested in serving as a Head or Associate Agent, or helping with your class’s Leadership Gifts Committee? Sign up here!