Associate Agent Responsibilities

Congratulations! You’re an Associate Agent!

Now, what are you supposed to be doing, exactly?

Call, email, text, and chat with your assignments to ask for a gift to the Alumni Fund. Follow up with those you can’t reach. (Multiple times, as needed—in 2014-15, it typically took anywhere from three to ten “touches” from an Associate Agent to bring in most Alumni Fund gifts.) Thank those who’ve given with a personal note, a call, an email, or an EphCard.

This may only take a couple of hours (total) between October 1 and March 15. That said, really great conversations with classmates (especially those you haven’t seen in a while) can extend the time commitment—but are always worth it!

See more information on the Alumni Fund timeline.

Access additional resources on the Alumni Fund Tools page, and check in your classmates by accessing your online reports.