Vice-Chair Committee

The Vice-Chair committee is comprised of current and former agents across all classes who provide feedback and insight to the Alumni Fund staff leadership. The Co-Chairs of the fund provide overall leadership to the committee and to all Alumni Fund volunteers, and serve as collaborators and counselors to the Alumni Fund Staff. Together, the Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs set the overall Alumni Fund goals and strategy for each year, and provide support to individual classes throughout the Fund year.

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Alumni Fund Co-Chairs
Melissa Dresselhuys ’90 July 2023 Hillsborough, CA
Elena Bonifacio ’05 July 2022 Yorktown Heights, NY
David Willmott ’92 July 2024 Memphis, TN
Amy Ferguson Daubert ’82 July 2022 Chapel Hill, NC
Jace Forbes-Cockell ’16 July 2022 Cambridge, MA
James Reichheld ’87 July 2022 Concord, MA
Nordia Savage ’10 July 2022 Hartford, CT
Margaret Shilling ’18 July 2022 New York, NY
Eric Watson ’97 July 2022 New Paltz, NY
Robert Woods ’76 July 2022 Palo Alto, CA
Paul Miller ’70 July 2023 Chevy Chase, MD
Julian Beckford ’73 July 2023 Conyers, GA
Susie Laidlaw ’80 July 2023 Chapel Hill, NC
Ellenore Baker ’86 July 2023 Park City, UT
Terri Williams-Weekes ’88 July 2023 Albany, NY
Bernie Kluger ’94 July 2023 Washington, DC
Rebecca Missonis ’99 July 2023 Newtown, PA
Rahul Bahl ’09 July 2023 Dalton, MA
Fred Goldstein ’52 July 2024 Stamford, CT
Bea Fuller ’83 July 2024 Annapolis, MD
Arun Dhingra ’90 July 2024 Dallas, TX
Whitney Hosty ’03 July 2024 Kansas City, MO
Ariel Peters ’06 July 2024 Brooklyn, NY
Zhaoning (Nancy) Wang ’11 July 2024 Boston, MA
Ben Leary ’20 July 2024 Cambridge, MA