Your Gift Matters

Each and every gift matters, and we pride ourselves on the strong tradition of participation and philanthropy.

Williams is committed to providing the best undergraduate liberal arts education around. And everything we need to be the best—an incredibly low student-faculty ratio, tutorials and summer research opportunities, our cherished JA system, world-class arts and performances, phenomenal athletics—is what Alumni Fund gifts to Williams’ highest priorities support.

Look at it another way, what would we lose without the Alumni Fund?

The Alumni Fund provides roughly 5% of the college’s operating revenue. Without that funding, all first-year and sophomore students might be locked out of Williams’ signature summer science research opportunities. The New York City Ballet might no longer perform and hold workshops at the ’62 Center. Student-athletes might have to find a way to pay for their own spring training trips. The 5% that you and your classmates give to Williams is the Williams difference: the engine that empowers a truly transformative education and positions the college as the model for undergraduate liberal arts.

Alumni Fund Agents: Why We Give

The Numbers


Percent of alumni who have made an Alumni Fund gift in their lifetime


Percent of Trustees who made an Alumni Fund gift last year


Average debt at graduation for the 31% of the Class of 2014 who took out student loans (national average is close to $30,000)


Percent of the Class of 2016 who completed one or more internships during their four years at Williams


Tutorials offered during the 2013-14 academic year


Percent of students who study abroad


Percent of students who conduct research with faculty


Student-Faculty ratio, the lowest among our peers