The Purple Mountain Association

All Williams parents are invited to become members of the Purple Mountain Association. Named after the beautiful hills in which the campus nestles, its levels symbolize how gifts from generous families enable Williams students to dream big and to climb far.

Purple Mountaineers provide unrestricted support that makes possible remarkable educational opportunities at Williams. Our hallmark tutorials, the Williams-Exeter Programme, summer research stipends, music, theater, and athletics, these are among hundreds of programs that combine to make Williams a premier liberal arts college.

In addition to having the personal satisfaction of knowing that their support enriches the education of all Ephs – including their own student – Purple Mountaineers experience a deepened bond with the College through increased contact with faculty, administrators, alumni, and other members of the extended Williams family. Each year they receive a special gift, and those families who give at the $5,000 level and above are invited to the annual Parents Fund Reception in the spring.

Through their leadership, Purple Mountaineers inspire the efforts of all at Williams to provide an unparalleled liberal arts education.

Purple Mountain Association Giving Levels
Mt. Greylock $ 250,000
Mt. Williams $ 100,000
The Dome $ 50,000
Mt. Prospect* $ 25,000
Pine Cobble $ 10,000
Stone Hill $ 5,000
Mt. Hope $ 2,500

*A four-year commitment at the Mt. Prospect level offers donors the opportunity to sponsor an EphScholar.