annual competition

Let’s beat Amherst! (BLC)

Hey <<Sal>>, Happy Wednesday! Hope things are going well with you! I just wanted to reach out (as your class agent) to make sure you know that the Biggest Little Challenge officially starts on Friday. If you have no idea what that is, it’s… Continue reading »

Thank You (Class of 2009)

(Original Picture was from 2016) Dear Fellow Eph, Thank you so much for your recent gift to Williams! ¬†Your contribution helped us set a college-record 808 gifts from young alumni during the Biggest Little Challenge, for a total of $67,300. Ultimately, Amherst… Continue reading »

Why Williams Matters

Dear SAL, Today marks the start of the Biggest Little Challenge: an annual competition between Williams and Amherst to see which school can bring in the greatest number of gifts during a set period of time. Your class, my class, and the rest of the classes… Continue reading »