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Alumni Fund Update: 3 items of interest

Date: Fri, Feb 9, 2018  Hello, agents — I know you’ll all be going for the gold as we head into these next few weeks: non-stop coverage of the Winter Olympics + non-stop opportunities to contact classmates and encourage their continued support of Williams!… Continue reading »

Why bother, again? (Class of 1951)

October 2016 Dear Fellow ’51er, Why bother, again? Well, here are a few things to think about: Williams faculty remain among the best in the world, and are committed to providing undergraduate students with opportunities to learn… Continue reading »

AF17 Anniversary Email

Dear Fellow Eph, One year ago, you made a thoughtful contribution to the Williams Alumni Fund—THANK YOU! You and 196 of your fellow alumni raised just over $475,000 last spring. These gifts were immediately put to use to improve the student experience and enhance… Continue reading »

Buy the Book (Class of 2009)

Dear Fellow Eph, If you were on financial aid at Williams, you might remember spending a long morning waiting in line behind Water Street Books to get into the 1914 Library.  Books were available for… Continue reading »

Hello from Brazil (Class of 1998)

Well hello hello from the Tropics! How’s everyone doing in this insanely intense winter? If it makes anyone feel any better…with temperatures up in the high 90’s here in Brazil, I would totally switch places with any of you…(but only for a week tops! =) I´ve had my… Continue reading »

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