kick off letter

ND Leader from Last Year

Dear Fellow Eph, We hope this letter finds you enjoying the end of 2016 and looking forward to a restful fall with friends and family. The Alumni Fund campaign for 2016-17 officially kicked off on October 1st and runs until February 28th. Last year… Continue reading »

Why bother, again? (Class of 1951)

October 2016 Dear Fellow ’51er, Why bother, again? Well, here are a few things to think about: Williams faculty remain among the best in the world, and are committed to providing undergraduate students with opportunities to learn… Continue reading »

Looking Forward to Reunion (Class of 1979)

Dear Class of 1979, It’s October already and our 35th reunion is upon us. 35 years! We have such a great class. Every year we answer the call to give to the college that has given us so much. Let’s make our 35th our best ever. We need every one… Continue reading »

Fund Year Begins (Class of 1991)

Dear Eph, We hope this letter finds you busy, happy, and looking forward to a restful holiday with friends and family! The Alumni Fund campaign for 2012-2013 is kicking off now, and we’re writing to ask for your help once again. Together, our Alumni Fund contributions directly and immediately support… Continue reading »

Doing Our Part (Class of 1994)

Dear [sal], For those of us staring down the barrel on turning forty (and those of us who have already made the leap), it’s hard to imagine that we are almost 20 years removed from our time at Williams. Yet, the memories of our years spent in Williamstown are fresh… Continue reading »

Supporting Williams’ Core Mission (Class of 1998)

Dear [sal], As you all know, Williams’ continued success is made possible by the unwavering support of alumni like us. Despite the difficult economic climate the Class of 1998 raised over $x to support the mission of the college. Over x% of our classmates – x people – participated! Thank… Continue reading »

Transition from Student to Alumni (Class of 2008)

Dear [sal], It might seem hard to believe that we are approximately 1 Winter Study and 1 Spring semester away from what will mark our 4-year anniversary from Williams graduation. Remember the feeling of being 1 year out of Williams? – newly minted a ‘Williams Alumnus’ – as though the… Continue reading »

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