thank you

Thank you! (Class of 2016)

Dear ’16s, Hope you’re all enjoying summertime! Wherever you are in the country or in the world—and whether you’re back in school, working a desk job, having outdoor adventures, or something in between—we hope you’re taking advantage of the nice weather and relaxed vibes. Continue reading »

Thank You (Class of 2009)

(Original Picture was from 2016) Dear Fellow Eph, Thank you so much for your recent gift to Williams!  Your contribution helped us set a college-record 808 gifts from young alumni during the Biggest Little Challenge, for a total of $67,300. Ultimately, Amherst… Continue reading »

AF17 Anniversary Email

Dear Fellow Eph, One year ago, you made a thoughtful contribution to the Williams Alumni Fund—THANK YOU! You and 196 of your fellow alumni raised just over $475,000 last spring. These gifts were immediately put to use to improve the student experience and enhance… Continue reading »

Kicking off the Fund Year (Class of 2006)

Dear [sal]: Last year our giving totaled $xxxx at a whopping xx% participation rate. On behalf of the college, we thank you for this generous support. The Alumni Fund overall represents more than 7% of the college’s operating budget. Our dollars go to critical initiatives including enriched student life, faculty… Continue reading »