Women's Giving Society: 100 Gifts of $100,000

Closing the Leadership Giving Gap

Women will lead the next generation of philanthropy at Williams, and we need your help to get there.

Today, alumnae account for 40% of the total alumni population, but not 40% of our total Alumni Fund leadership donors. There is more than a 10 point gap between men’s and women’s leadership giving.

Our analysis shows that the gap in leadership giving is not due to a difference in giving capacity.

Our primary goal for this initiative is to build on the strength of women as leaders for Williams and provide a brighter financial future for the college by dramatically growing women’s giving and creating a clear pathway for women to lead the next generation of Eph philanthropy.

The Women’s Giving Society

Over the past few years, Williams has made tremendous progress toward gender equity in faculty, senior staff and trustee leadership. At the same time as this transition has taken shape, Williams women have encouraged us to be more proactive around women and philanthropy. Through many gatherings and conversations, we learned that women prioritize connecting deeply with each other and with the college, enabling them to develop strong relationships with faculty, staff, students and each other.

You can make a powerful difference and be a leader in this exciting initiative by becoming a  member of the new women’s giving society with a gift of $100,000 to the Alumni Fund.

Robust annual giving allows the college to seize opportunities and respond to challenges as they arise. Collectively, through the Alumni Fund, women’s giving society members will provide an unprecedented level of flexible financial support to President Maud S. Mandel.

Your philanthropy, visibility and engagement will inspire generations of Eph women to become philanthropists and community leaders who will guide the Williams community in years to come.

Email Elizabeth Martin or call her at 413 441 1171 to learn more.